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Cork Flooring
  • Floating Cork Flooring

    • Easy Install, no nails or glues necessary
    • Not Recommended for high moisture areas, such as bathrooms and mudrooms
    • Ability to unlock the floor and replace a damaged plank
    • Transition pieces are utilized to allow for floor to expand and contract

  • Cork Flooring Information

    In your green flooring search, cork flooring should be at the top of your list. This rapidly renewable cork material has many benefits as a flooring material.

    Cork bark is one of nature’s most remarkable & renewable flooring materials. The removal of the bark actually activates re-growth and increases the tree’s lifespan. Cork bark is harvested every 9 to 11 years by hand from the cork oak tree in Portugal and Spain. Hand harvesting is done to insure that no damage occurs to this highly renewable, natural resource. The trees have an average life span of 200+ years.

    The basics of Floating cork are that you do not have to nail or glue this flooring. Do-It Yourself friendly this product installs similar to a floating laminate floor (except no nasty toxins) with ease. Floating cork flooring has a HDF (high density fiberboard) middle layer as a locking mechanism to make it a floating cork floor. It is this HDF that does not hold up well in high moisture situations, such as a bathroom. Floating cork is a great option for homeowners seeking a green flooring option that can be easily cleaned, feels great underfoot and provides the ease of installation.

    Homeowners find that cork is extremely resilient, meaning it has a memory. This attribute is very evident when thinking about the cork keeping wine in the bottle, the cork wants to always come back to its original shape when removed from the wine bottle and has the same function as a flooring.

    Another top feature of natural cork flooring is its ability to maintain a relative temperature of 70 degrees meaning it is cool feeling on hot summer days and warmer in the winter time. Many of our clients find it a savings to use glue down cork in a bathroom because of this feature, they have considered using tile with a heat source underneath but find that cork is much less expensive and has a better feeling underfoot.