Castle Combe provides the look and feel of an ancient, reclaimed floor and combines it with the modern performance features of a 21st century engineered floor. These inspiring, beautifully aged, handcrafted floors may be the most interesting, unique, head-turning floor covering AND wall paneling you’ve seen in many years. State of the art aging techniques accentuate the natural character of the wood and the ancient appearance of each plank. Castle Combe has three distinctive series: Market Cross: combination of hand-carved fissures, brushing, hand-scraping, and a number of stains; a rich and rustic appearance. Manor House: smooth, raised knots sculpted and sanded by hand; a rustic look and tailored modern finish Relics: split planks and hand carved fissures with random insertions of wooden peg inlays, and diagonal cuts; the essence of a floor reclaimed from a 19th century storehouse or a historic colonial estate.

US Floors Castle Combe Originals

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