Coretec Advanced Plus 7"
CORETEC Advanced PLUS 7" 
  • A revolutionary mineral core that is extremely rigid. The newest innovation that is taking this industry by storm!
  • Low luster visuals and enhanced scratch performance make this the highest performing COREtec floor yet offering a 15-year scratch warranty.
  • Quick & easy installation that maximizes labor efficiency
  • Introductory 15-year scratch warranty that offers next-level protection against pets, kids, high-heels and everyday life
  • Natural cork underlayment for warmth, comfort and sound absorption
  • The waterproof, kidproof, petproof reputation of the nationally branded COREtec name
  • Easy installation with no acclimation period


Product Specifications:
7" x 48" x 9.0 mm

15.08 sq.ft./ctn

Surface Layer: One layer with integrated Design Visual &  E.I.R. Technology 

Core: Mineral
Bevel: Enhanced Painted Bevel

Underlayment: Cork 

Installation Method: Float, Direct Glue

Warranty: LT Residential, 15 Year Scratch, 

15 Heavy Commercial

Pattern Repeat: 12

Coretec Advanced Plus 7"

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