Durability Enhanced Hardwood | 8-5/64″ Wide | UV, Matte Finish | Masterclic Locking with Beveled Edges and Ends

The Tesoro Woods Longevity Collection is an all-around top performer in the wood category. It is the most durable, hardest wearing real wood floor on the market, available in eight colors and three unique species in hickory, walnut and white oak. All products are constructed on an environmentally friendly HDF core. 

The wood veneer is bonded to the core using advanced adhesives that almost triple the wood’s density, enhancing durability. The HDF core is highly stable and does not react to changes in temperature and humidity — it will even handle moderate exposure to surface moisture with ease!

The Longevity Collection is ideal for active families with kids and pets and stands up in all climates. All of our engineered wood floors meet the highest indoor air quality standards, are safe to install in your home and will not emit any harmful chemicals or odors.

Tesoro Woods Longevity

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