Passion…it is what initially drove us to produce this product. We are passionate about manufacturing the healthiest carpet available. Both for your home and for our environment. That product is Bio-Floor™. Passion is also what drives our customers. They are passionate about their family’s health, the health of their pets and their overall home health. They will not settle for the pseudo-green marketing ploy that is prevalent in today’s floor covering arena. They put health first as they understand the long term importance of the products they bring into their home. Earth Weave has been supplying that passion for almost 20 years now with our truly unique Bio-Floor carpet line. Bio-Floor uses natural materials without harsh chemical treatments or toxic mothproofing. Just like our customer’s – Bio-Floor is unique and focused on health. It is made to meet those healthy demands. We salute and thank all of you out there choosing health above all else.

Earth Weave Natural Wool Carpet

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