After Placing your Order – Scheduling and Delivery

We will send you tracking information via email upon the shipment leaving our warehouse. This tracking information will include the contact information for the delivery company.

All information related the delivery status and scheduling will be coordinated with the transportation company utilizing the tracking number provided in your email.

We recommend being proactive and contacting the shipper to schedule a delivery time and meet your schedule accordingly. Some locations may have specific delivery dates for your area, so it is important to plan your schedule with the shippers as soon as possible, as delivery dates and times cannot be guaranteed. cannot be held responsible for missed installation appointments or inconveniences due to earlier-than-expected or later-than-expected arrival dates. The best practice when scheduling contractors or planning installation days is to wait until the product arrives on location and then schedule or plan installation.

Acclimation is required and should also be factored when considering lead times necessary to complete your project. Acclimation times vary depending on your climate, 2- 3 weeks is typical and the material should be opened out of box and stored in the conditioned space where it will be installed. However, extremely dry or moist climates can require longer acclimation. is not responsible for material issues due to improper acclimation. If you have questions or concerns please contact us.