Agreement / Contract Terms for your flooring project

A written agreement is essential when working with a Flooring Installer as it should contain all details and provides you with the necessary documentation should you have a dispute.   Do not allow work to begin on your project until you have a complete detailed agreement signed by your Flooring Installer. For small jobs use a written work order will usually work fine. For larger projects, use a detailed contract as these types of projects are dealing with larger sums of money.   You should not feel pressured to use the Flooring Installer’s standard contract if it does not meet the specific needs and details of your project.

The following bullet points should be included in the agreement in some form:

  • Start and completion dates
  • Project timeline with delay penalties and on-time completion bonus, this becomes more important as the scale of your project grows.
  • Improper installation voids warranty
  • Detailed material placement plan, layout specification
  • Responsibility for material selection, purchase, delivery acceptance and storage
  • Costs and responsibilities for rental equipment and waste disposal
  • Change order rules, responsibilities and contract cost adjustments
  • Warranty on workmanship
  • Responsibility for protecting structure, furnishings and work in progress from weather and construction related damage
  • Insurance and bond coverage requirements  – you can validate with your states contractor board