Freight Inspection and Damage

Damage claims must be reported to us immediatley.  Damage claims will only be honored within 30 days of the product being delivered.

Although we do our best to minimize damage, accidents do occur and we want you to be prepared should the situation arise. Please see the following steps should you receive damaged materials.

  1. Please Inspect the outside of the cartons for any signs of damage. If damage has occurred the cartons will show through wear, tears and distress.
  2. Please count the cartons to be sure the amount matches your invoice, the driver also has a copy of how many cartons you should be receiving.
  3. If damage has occurred please note the bol with the driver and accept the shipment.
    Then sign the delivery slip and receive both the undamaged product and the damaged product.
  4. Then, Please call or email us to schedule replacement of the damaged or missing materials.
  5. By law, once reported, the damaged material is the property of the carrier and they have 120 days to decide if they wish to inspect, pick-up or discard the material.

We replace your product and work with the delivery companies on shipping damage claims. We file your claim, providing you note the damage and sign for the damage material upon receipt of the shipment.

If you do not sign for shipping damage on the BOL at the time of delivery, we lose our ability to file a claim with the delivery company on your behalf.

If the damage is not noted on the BOL we are unable to provide you with replacement material at no cost. Your only recourse will be to attempt to file a claim yourself with the shipping company with no guarantee of the results. cannot be held responsible for any freight damage that occurs if the BOL is not noted at the time of delivery.