Here’s Why Is The Least Expensive And Best Source Of Sustainable Flooring:

  • cuts out the middle man and makes it easy for you to purchase quality wholesale green flooring direct from the manufacturer.
  • We take the worries out of durability, toxicity and other issues of concern regarding flooring. Due to our strict selection process, you can relax and simply choose the natural floor that will be beautiful in your home for years to come.
  • provides low cost natural flooring samples so that you can view your flooring choice in your home before you commit to purchasing.
  • We make the shipping process easy – either ship straight to your house (curbside only), or to a local warehouse for your installer to pick up.  Click here for our Flat Rate Shipping options and Policies!
  • offers the very best customer service of any flooring supplier.  If you have questions, check out our customer service section. If you need more detailed assistance send an email or give us a call.  We’re friendly! specializes in high quality bamboo, cork and hardwood flooring. We sell at wholesale prices and from a state with no sales tax, resulting in significant savings for you.

Our natural green flooring is often less expensive than the low quality, toxic options you can find in the local big box store.

Our eco flooring materials have been hand picked from hundreds of green flooring options to give you the most affordable, healthy, durable and beautiful flooring choices for your home or business.

When purchasing a new floor, you actually have just two choices:

1) You can buy your new floor from a local supplier, or another online retailer and get a toxic, low quality, cheap floor.


2) You can pay the same amount (or sometimes even less) and buy a high quality, healthy, durable, and beautiful floor from


What makes’s flooring options healthy and non-toxic?

We have very strict selection criteria that every flooring material must pass.  Our priorities begin with the common standard of a healthy flooring material.

The bottom line is that we wouldn’t feel comfortable selling you a floor that could harm your family.

Before you buy a cheap laminate flooring option, check the Indoor Air Quality Certificate for formaldehyde content.  Many laminate floors can have extremely high concentrations of toxic formaldehyde, and there are healthy non-toxic options out there. If you can’t get a Indoor Air Quality Certificate, then we recommend that you steer clear.

At we can give you peace of mind.  Our commitment is to quality eco flooring that will not compromise your family’s health or diminish our earth’s resources.


Why are our floors eco friendly and sustainable?

Once we’ve ensured that a product is healthy for you and your family, we check to verify its quality, durability, and sustainability.

Well made, high-hardness flooring will last much longer than cheap laminate options.  This durability also increases the sustainability of our floors, because you won’t need to replace them and fill up your local landfill with worn out flooring (also consider the additional expense).

Our materials fall into sub-categories of sustainability, such as bamboo flooring and cork flooring which are sourced from rapidly renewable sources (our definition is the raw materials can be harvested in under 9 yrs).  FSC certified hardwood flooring comes from third-party verified sustainably managed forests.

We want our old growth trees to stay old growth, and choosing sustainably managed and rapidly renewing flooring materials can help protect the old growth forests that we still have.

Save money with Do-It Yourself Installation is an expert in helping homeowners with Do-It yourself natural flooring projects. Many of our clients find our floors to be very simple to install on their own.

Imagine how happy you will be with your new floor after having saved money by installing it yourself. If you have some questions about your installation project check our Flooring Q&A Section.

If you still having difficulty finding your answer shoot us an email or give us a call and we will do our best to find a solution for you…