How do I clean and maintain my natural Flooring? Hardwood, Bamboo, Cork Flooring

Our natural flooring options make cleaning and maintenance a very simple process.  Cleaning these solid surface flooring options is quick and easy with the correct tools and cleaners.  Each flooring manufacturer may have there own recommendation for specific cleaners or flooring polishes, so it is best to always refer to these manufacturer recommendations so you do not void your flooring warranty.

In General, utilizing a non-toxic or neutral cleaner and damp mopping the floor is the best way to clean solid surface flooring.  Bona Kemi Cleaner is an excellent non-toxic cleaner.  Purchasing a quality floor mop is a good idea as you can typically wash the cleaning pads in the washing machine as opposed to creating a lot of waste as in the Swiffer floor mop concept.

Floors can usually be cleaned with a light mist and the going over to remove the moisture and dirt, allowing you to clean large areas quickly.  


natural flooring cleaning and maintenance - hardwood, bamboo and cork flooring