Is there color variation in Cork Flooring and Bamboo Flooring?

Color variation is inherent in any natural product whether cork, wood or any other product that nature produces for us. This is part of what makes cork and bamboo so beautiful and unique.

UV rays from the sun are typically what causes natural flooring materials to experience color change.  So utilizing shades and minimizing the exposure to sun will decrease the amount of color change.

Likewise, lighter colors will experience less color change so if you are concerned then go with the lighter color spectrum. Bamboos do not typically experience as much color change as other woods. However, keep in mind that the majority of natural products will experience some color change as they age, moving area rugs and exposing them to the same light will help over time to keep them from standing out.

When installing floating cork flooring we recommend to open several boxes and to draw from each box through out the installation. Note that you might find planks that have natural blemishes or differences. You can always choose to sort these out during the installation, so tell you installer prior to installation if you would like less “character” in your floor.