Depending on the manufacturer, each flooring product features different guarantees to protect its consumers in the eventuality of factory-related defect(s). Product warranties can cover damages related to structural integrity, adhesive bond, moisture protection, and finish, among others. Here’s a description on what these warranties are and what you can expect from your manufacturer when a claim is made:

Finish Warranty

This type of warranty covers the wearing through or peeling off of factory-applied finishing from the wood floor, under normal residential or commercial conditions. It does not include gloss reduction (which is actually caused by natural wear and tear and exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays), indentations, scratches or damages caused by lack of maintenance or inability to follow recommended maintenance procedures. As a standard, some manufacturers only accept claims on finishes if the damage covers at least ten percent of the total surface area of the installed flooring.

Structural (Integrity) Warranty

Specifically intended for engineered wood floors, structural integrity warranties cover defects related to manufacturing, i.e. during the lamination, milling, assembly, and other related processes. It may also include coverage for wood integrity when installed over radiant heated flooring. Structural warranties assure consumers that the product purchased will not warp, cup or buckle, provided that manufacturer recommended installation and maintenance procedures are followed. Expansion and contraction is a natural behavior of wood, especially in relation to weather changes; therefore, these are not covered under this type of warranty.

Adhesive Bond Warranty

This warranty applies in cases where the manufacturer has made implicit instructions on the type or brand of adhesive (usually their own) to use in installation. It covers adhesive breakdown, except when glue bond failure is caused by subfloor moisture damage, water damage caused by flooding or leakage from water pipes, and improper installation or maintenance. This type of warranty also often comes along with a warranty on sub-floor moisture protection.

Moisture Protection Warranty

Subfloor moisture damage can lead to the delamination, discoloration, twisting, gapping, warping or buckling of your hardwood floors. With a moisture protection warranty, manufacturers can opt to replace, repair or refund your damage boards provided that defect occurred even when manufacturer recommended adhesive, installation and maintenance instructions have been followed.

Wear, Stain and Fade Warranty

Specifically intended for laminate floors, these warranties protect floors from fading due to natural or electric light, staining and surface wear under normal conditions. These warranties do not apply to damage resulting from improper or inadequate maintenance or accidents, such as scratching, impact or cutting. As a standard, these warranties do not cover stains or damage as a result of flood, standing water, various mechanical failures, appliance leaks and pet urine.
The terms and conditions under these warranties may vary from one manufacturer to another. It is important that you follow manufacturer recommended instructions and procedures to prevent your warranty from being null and void. Some manufacturers will also state that their warranties are valid only if manufacturer suggested materials are used. It is important to note that the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act protects consumers’ warranties as long as certain conditions are met.

GreenFlooringSupply.com Warranties

At GreenFlooringSupply.com, we’ve removed the confusion from buying a quality non-toxic floor. Our warranties are designed to give you the most value for your purchasing decisions.  The chances are that you have a very good idea of the price range you need, how long you plan to live in your home and the performance you expect from your floor.  We’re trying to simplify the floor buying process, which can be sometimes be a frustrating process. At GreenFlooringSupply.com, our goal is to make it easier to get the beautiful floor you have always wanted for your home.

Please view our individual product warranties under the documents on the product page as warranties are different for middle vs. high quality floors.  If you have warranty questions please contact us.

At no time is GreenFlooringSupply.com held liable for the failure of its manufactures to warranty a material defect.  We will assist you in any way possible should our floors have a warranty issue.