What is Engineered Hardwood and Why would I want it over Traditional Hardwood Flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring materials are much more popular now than in the past due to some distinct advantages.  One of the main advantages of engineered flooring is that the flooring is significantly more stable than traditional hardwoods.  A cross ply construction meaning the layers run in opposing directions assist with the stability of the material in climates that have high fluctuations of humidity or moisture.   Often this will come into play more readily in very dry winter climates as the boards tend to shrink in the traditional format.  These seasonal gaps in the flooring can be avoided by using  an engineered flooring or a floating floor.

Another distinct advantage of engineered flooring is from the environmental stand point.  Engineered floors have a better utilization of the wood material.  The majority of the flooring is never seen by the consumer, this bottom layer can be constructed of a more rapidly renewable resource than the old growth trees.  The top layer can then be constructed of the more desirable old growth species allowing producing a much larger quantity of flooring out of the same tree.

A common misconception is that engineered floors are inferior to traditional tongue and groove flooring.  This is not the case in all materials.  Quality engineered hardwood flooring has the same wear layer and ability to be sanded and re-coated as traditional flooring.  In traditional hardwood flooring once the floor is sanded to the point of reaching the tongue and groove, the flooring has reached its life and must be disposed of.  This is exactly the same for engineered hardwood floors as the top wear layer goes all of the way to the tongue and groove just like traditional hardwood flooring.

Be aware that there are many different levels of quality between laminates, engineered floors, floating floors and traditional hardwoods.  We sell only the highest quality versions at the best price points.  Other flooring companies might not inform you of the quality they are offering.

If  you have questions about a specific flooring material, please email or call us.  We are experts in durable, natural hardwood flooring.

benefits of engineered hardwood flooring over traditional hardwood flooring