Why choose Strand Woven Bamboo?

  • No Toxicity:  there is a difference. Our premium Strand woven  bamboo is produced to exacting standards using only the least toxic adhesives. Our Woven Bamboo uses only adhesives that are free of components classified as hazardous to the environment.   This means No solvents, heavy metals, or bactericides were used in the production of this floor, sustainable flooring material. We understand the health of your family is just as important as the performance of the material itself.  This material offers all of the above with no toxicity and amazing performance.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The rapidly – renewable raw material, to the low-emission glues utilized, Our Natural, Quality Bamboo floors are created with minimal impact on the environment. There are few alternatives in flooring that can produce less of an environmental impact than woven bamboo.Natural Strand Woven Bamboo, Hardness and Durability
  • Extreme Hardness = Durability:  Strand Woven bamboo is now one of the hardest floors available on the market.   This new bamboo option  has nearly twice the hardness rating of a traditional bamboo floor, resulting in a long lasting ultra durable floor.
  • Timeless Style:  The style of  Strand Bamboo really sets it apart from other flooring materials.  Our clients have found bamboo to be a main feature of their home and really wow’s their guests.  This unique material can complement almost any style of home and can hold up to almost any wear situation.  Our woven bamboo is a  practical hardwood flooring option with beauty that will impress your most discerning guests. The look of an expensive exotic flooring option at a prices that fits any budget.
  • Durability. Strand Woven Bamboo offers a Hardness rating (3000 PSI, see our Janka scale article) twice that of other bamboo species and common hardwood flooring options, such as Oak and Maple. The moisture stability of the product allows for flexible installation methods such as direct glue down over concrete or traditional nail down on wood, even the ability to float the material and eliminate nails and adhesives all together.  In our Natural and Carbonized woven bamboo versions the color on the surface is the same color all the way to the core of the material. This means if you were able to dent or gouge the floor  it will be less noticeable and easier to repair. .